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Thank you for visiting my Web page. It will be a privilege to represent the people of the 86th District of DeKalb County Georgia. When elected, I will welcome your support and feedback throughout the year and your assistance would help me understand the needs of the community. I will have an open-door policy so that my constituents can contact me throughout the year with their views or issues in DeKalb County, thus assisting me and allowing me the opportunity to improve our entire state as I know that I will be held accountable for working towards making positive change in DeKalb County. I can assure you that I will fight for changes that will make DeKalb a better place to live, work, play and grow. My goal is to build a stronger DeKalb and as a State Representative that focus on the things that affect all the citizens of DeKalb. If I am your choice, and am elected as the Representative of District 86, I promise to make wise and advised decisions and demonstrate integrity, transparency, and accountability to my constituents. You can depend on me. I will look out for you. Thank you and I solicit your endorsement, prayers and support. - Jacqueline Adams



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