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                                                        RUN for a better DeKalb
Represent District 86 and the State of Georgia helping to provide a county we all can enjoy.
Rebuild: Rebuild the reputation of DeKalb County to be a county that is safe and has a positive rapport. Developing a financial plan that will reduce the current deficit and build a surplus. Developing programs and/or implementing plans that will reduce the level of crime in the communities. Introduce plans/ideas that will rid or reduce the amount of abandoned buildings in the communities that lead to drug infestations, prostitution and vandalism.
Unite: Unite the North and South regions of DeKalb to show a community that functions together for the betterment of the people residing there. To help establish a common ground to show outside communities that Georgia is not divided into two entities, but functions together as one striving to make a peaceful and caring living environment.
Navigate: Work with Legislators in providing assistance to our seniors and navigate our youth to a promising future that reduces the dropout rates and crimes committed by the youth. To continue or introduce programs that focus on youth development and success. Programs such as stopping from school to prison pipeline. Most importantly, navigate DeKalb to be a prosperous county with a flourishing education system. 
                      Elect Jacqueline L. Adams for your State Representative of District 86.
         Thank you for your support and I look forward to representing you in this great State                                                                     -Jacqueline Adams
                                                             You make the choice!
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